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The Scott & Dan Show on the Fager's Island Deck

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May 27 @ 5:00 pm - 7:00 pm
Scotty’s a funny dude. Dan has one mode and it’s permanently stuck on “completely ridiculous”. Put these two together and you have a dangerous combination of Chris Rock meets Johnny Knoxville, set to music. Tons of fun acoustic tunes that they both love (and they know you will too), mixed in with some jokes, backhanded compliments, light banter, singalongs, and garden variety heckling, including shouting down anyone who dares to yell “FREEBIRD!” during our set. Take all these ingredients, throw in some alcohol, and no one knows where it’ll end up…not even them! 


Event Category:
General, Live Entertainment, Winterfest of Lights


Fager's Island
201 60th St
Ocean City, MD